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Every real estate salesperson works differently and to keep it simple to understand, we break it down into 4 simple steps on how we effectively sell your property today when you engage us.



It is easy to have a conversation over the phone however we believe in establishing a personal relationship with our clients. A face to face meeting not only put a face to a name, but you will also have undivided attention from us. Before taking the next step, we want to build the kind of trust and rapport so that you are confident and comfortable in entrusting us to sell your property for you!

Essentially, it helps us understand your needs and achieve what you want at the end of the day. We will advise you on the strategic steps of approach you may need to take according to your property needs, to sell your home more efficiently.

On top of that, we will provide you with a complimentary home valuation report plus a financial assessment to give you a clearer view of the market trends and a better understanding of your finances and the types of loans you can get. Getting you all prepared to proceed further on to the next steps!


The property market can be up and down, there can be demands and supplies or the other way around. In order to stand out amongst all the home buyers. We take on creative marketing seriously, taking into consideration how to accentuate your home and appeal to the next homeowner.

  • Home Makeover – Home staging 

First Impression counts, like dating it determines if you get a “second date”. Marketing with the existing conditions may sometimes be the undermining reasons for why some properties are listed for a long time and still not sold.

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We want to add value by making the place a “head-turner” to raise the quality and the value of your unit listing. Home staging is crucial as we enhance and feature the attractiveness of your unit to appeal to prospective buyers, we want the property to be at the back of their minds! Surely it takes some effort, but the differentiation will be worthwhile, you can decide for yourself.

  • Declutter, Fresh coat of paint, touch up.

Decluttering goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of your home, it brings more visibility to your place and highlights the size of the space as well.

Concealer and Foundation are what women use in makeup to look flawless, the same theory applies when you give your house a fresh coat of paint and touch up. It immediately enhances the overall looks of the house, covering up the flaws so it looks as good as new!

  • Professional Photography

A picture worth a thousand words and more importantly, we are all visual creatures, who doesn’t like to see beautiful pictures? Often the photos are what pique a buyer interest, this is why we take Professional Photos before putting your house on the market. Profession Photography will showcase the house in the best light with right angles creating a digital impression, help increase the numbers of inquiries and viewing from buyers and we can get a better deal for our clients.

  •  Property Video Tour 

Video tour is another great way to showcase the property more effectively. It provides a home tour with more details. Often than not, buyers who reach out to make an appointment for viewing after a video tour are keen and high conversion rate. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on youtube looking at videos. Youtube marketing cannot be ignored, not only it’s a popular site but also one of the largest social media networks.

  • 3D Virtual Tour

A differential value we try to provide to our clients would be the 3D Virtual Tour using Matterport. It is an interactive platform that brings the property to life from the rendering. It provides the buyer with a chance to navigate where they want to. Sometimes after the real-time view, they miss out on certain details that they are particular about for example; the direction of the apartment facing, this conveniently allows them to review again.

When your unit is rented out and there is a tenant still living there, arrangement for viewing gets challenging hence this 3D Virtual Tour will provide more optimised viewing for potential buyers.


Getting exposure and outreach is the most crucial point after most of the “heavy lifting” is done. We like to be proactive, rather than just posting the listing on mass property platforms and waiting for buyers to reach out to us, we want to bring us to them. Below are the marketing channels we use that would gain us the most exposure effectively.

  • Social Media Marketing

We all go to Facebook/ Instagram to look at the beautiful pictures so what other places to showcase your beautiful home on social media. We advertise through Facebook / Instagram mostly as these two are the top social media platforms in Singapore. Through the sponsored post, it allows us to select our target geographics and demographics. We have targeted geographics as research has shown that 80% of the population will buy a property within 2-3km a close radius to where they live.

  • Online Portals

Everyone is familiar with the mass property platform such as Property Guru / / SRX / Edge Prop / iProperty / Carousell. The geographical base is practically covered, now we want to maximize the listing exposure on all the major portals! Knowing when to post to gather a higher level of engagements and how often to repost is our forte.

  • Classified Ads

We advertise on Newspaper Classified Ads, old school yes but we are not forgetting traditional marketing. There are still a large number of the less tech-savvy generation out there who might be a potential buyer. Moreover, our target also consists of a substantial number of the high-level executives who follow the news and do not have social media accounts. We want to optimize the listing outreach at any given time.

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  • SMS Blast

With the help of technology, we will strive to push your listing to nearby potential buyers via SMS. Our SMS system allows us to define the target markets based on their demographics and income levels. By doing so, generating a much higher level of ROI (Return of Investment)

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You have entrusted us to sell your house for you and it is natural you want to have updates and know what is happening. We often update our client of any immediate progress and try to arrange a bi-weekly review.

  • Review with Clients

We do a review every two weeks, so as an owner you can have peace of mind. In the review, we will update the progress as well as any buyer objections. We always put the interest of our client-first. At times when your listing garners the interest of many buyers, it creates bidding for your property. Then we will advise you to push the prices up so you can sell your property at a high price.


We want to give your house a boost with the best presentation and exposure so we can get to help move the sale of your property faster. It is a working partnership we want to create with you, the seller. We want to provide you with ease of mind throughout the whole process when you entrust us. You can count on us on the administrative work and if you need additional help with engaging a law firm or mortgage banker, we will be glad to help

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